Analyzing Bernie Sanders

Analyzing Bernie Sanders:

Data was collected by myself and a group of students from Arizona residents on their feelings toward Bernie Sanders and his presence in the upcoming 2016 election. To review our findings, please click the following link:

Analyzing Millennial Support for Bernie Sanders


Angelika Hernandez Practice Interview

Angelika Hernandez was interviewed by myself in the Walter Cronkite building. She discussed her future career in public relations and the general direction she is wishing to go.

Check it out here.

Reflection: Raw footage contains very little editing. In the future, I will need to be more aware of background noise and allow the person being interviewed to talk more without my interjecting.

Professor’s perspective on Online Degrees

Universities across the country have begun to transition into developing online degrees. With large masses of young people working full time and many middle-age individuals feeling a draw to get back into school, many universities are taking full advantage of the impending boom of online education.


Arizona State University faculty member, Eduardo Davila, gave his perspective on this shift and how the online system still has a long way to go in learning to cater to its targeted demographic. Listen to him speak here.